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Definition of a Master in NPR

Work packages

WP1. Preparation


Assessment of existing curricula in Tunisian and European Universities related with NPR

WP1 investigates available curricula and courses in the field of Next Production Revolution in both Tunisian and European Universities.

The investigation will be done by assessing both contents and teaching methodologies of differenet courses.

Overall, WP1 will enable to identify gaps in key focal areas of the Master in NPR (namely « Industry 4.0 », « Renewable Energy », and « Management of innovation & entrepreneurship ») at the level of curricula and specific courses with respect to the findings elaborated in WP2.

To measure this achievement, a taxonomy of required skills and competences (findings from WP2) will be created and compared with a taxonomy of existing courses and teaching methodologies (findings from WP1); this will be the milestone of this WP.

WP1 is led by the ENIGA.



Assessment of skills and competences requirement

WP2 identifies competence and capacity requirements in the field of the Next Production Revolution in compliance with the needs of job market and society and with regard to relevant Tunisian supply chains. An international, open workshop organized in Tunis will gather stakeholders that will discuss opportunities and challenges for NPR uptake in Tunisia, including the skills needed to enter the job market and specific needs of private stakeholders to increase their competitiveness. The milestone of this WP is to deliver a Strategic Education Agenda in NPR that includes:

- overview about the innovation ecosystem in Tunisia with an outline of challenges and opportunities in NPR,

- general Intented Learning Objectives of the Master in NPR,

- involment of stakeholders in the learning process (learning on the job, etc…).

The achievemnet of the results of WP2 will be monitored by the final Strategic Education Agenda and number of agreements (e.g., Memorandum of Understanding) with stakeholders.

WP2 is led by the ISGIS.

WP3. Development


Design and development of a Master in the Next Production Revolution

WP3 designs and develops multi-disciplinary courses for a Master in the Next Production Revolution offering the opportunity to specialize in three different disciplines:  « Industry 4.0 », « Renewable Energy », and « Management of innovation & entrepreneurship ».

Guidelines for the design of this Master will come from WP1 and WP2. The overall pedagogical approach will be set up with an outline of innovative learning schemes including e-learning, participate learning and learning by doing. The goal of this WP is a list of courses including their intented learning outcomes, syllabus, relevant bibliographic information, exam description and pedagogic approach.

A milestone of this WP is the accreditation of the Master in NPR that will constitute an indicator about the progress of the project.

WP3 is led by PoliTO.

WP4. Development


Design and development of a Teaching lab in NPR

WP4 designs and develops an educational lab in NPR including a small physical Industry 4.0 lab and a virtual NPR lab.

The former will include modular production system stations which will be combined to form a production line. This production line is used to simulate the different stages of the supply chain from growing to manufacturing and logistics. ENIT has already 3D printers that will be integrated in the modular station.

The virtual NPR lab consists of software and hardware equipment to conduct 3D virtual-reality simulations. The milestone of this WP is the design of the laboratory and the purchase of its benches. The construction and the start up of the labs will be an indicator for the progress of this WP.

WP4 is led by OBREAL.

WP5. Development


Staff training about key course and lab equipment

WP5 is dedicated to the training of staff from different institutions about the contents developed in WP3 and WP4. Face-to-face intensive training weeks will be organized as well as an online training mainly related with the preparation of teaching materials.

The milestone is therefore the face-to-face training while the indicator is the number of trainees and trainers involved and the joint prepared teaching material.

WP5 is led by the PoliMI.

WP6. Development


Pilot Master in NPR

WP6 involves the launch of the Master in NPR. After the first year of the NePRev project related with the agreement process, curriculum development, accreditation, etc., the second year will see the launch of the two-years Master in NPR.

The third year of the project will see the first graduates in Next Production Revolution, this is the milestone and the indicator of project's progress. An activity of implementation of a joint Master in NPR with one EU University will be carried out.

WP6 is led by ENIT.

WP7. Quality


Project Quality and Evaluation

WP7 sets procedures, criteria and resources for monitoring the project in order to meet its diversified targets.

The working method will be defined in the Quality and Evaluation Plan of the project. Furthermore, an External Quality Expert that will perform monitoring and evaluation will be appointed. WP7 is led by the FSJEGJ.

WP8. Dissemination


Dissemination and exploitation

WP8 sets the conditions and accomplishes the dissemination of the project preparing all activities necessary to its exploitation.

The dissemination activities will be carried out through the development of a website, a video promo and the use of social media.

In addition, the preparation of an Exploitation Plan is foreseen in this Work Package in order to increase the collaboration with private stakeholders and both European and African HEIs.

In particular, efforts will be devoted to open the master to African candidates and looking for sources for long-term financing students’ mobility.

WP8 is led by CS.

WP9. Management


Operative and financial management of the project

WP9 deals with project management and ensures that the overall objectives of the NePRev project will be achieved within the foreseen time and budget.

This WP includes the implementation of management structures and procedures that will be collected in the Project Management Handbook.

WP9 is lead by PoliTO.